There is Movement in the Stillness

Last Friday, I took a walk in the park and came across a part of the lake that was mostly frozen. There was a tree in the distance and it was an ideal photo opportunity and of course I took a picture. I then noticed that there was a little part of the lake thatContinue reading “There is Movement in the Stillness”

Groundation — Be Here Now

“This moment is the only thing that is real Yesterday seems like a weary ghost And tomorrow an enigma I wrestle with both and grow tired” -RNLH In order to be “sane” and not feel overwhelmed, I ground myself by proclaiming what is happening in the very moment that I am in. “This moment IContinue reading “Groundation — Be Here Now”

The Releasing of Things

I’m in the midst of packing. I often considered myself to be a relatively tidy person…not particularly neat but tidy. It was obvious the amount of items I have held onto all these years. I made a decision that during this move, I was going to remove things that were accumulated or gained for the following:Continue reading “The Releasing of Things”