I hope You Dance…

I reached out to my friend this morning via text and she invited me to her 8am class at Shambala Yoga and Dance in Brooklyn. I am glad I accepted her early morning invitation because at the end of her lovely class, she read this amazing poem by Rumi which spoke directly to my heart:


After she read the last line of the poem, I was filled with so much gratitude. So, my dear reader, I hope you connect to the one who resides within and may you welcome the amazing and the frightening. May you look upon your mirror and smile with acceptance and may you be free. May you be free.

Enjoy the dance of life.

Have you discovered Rumi? If so, what is your favorite Rumi poem?

Published by Empress Ngala

Inner Soul Wellness Center provides a space where each person can show up as their complete selves, honor where they are and co-create what they want for their lives.

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