I am grateful to the people below for offering to share their experiences working me. My hope is that their testimonies will be helpful to you as you decide if working with me is best for your personal goals:

Katie’s Experience

“My partner and I are “geriatric” by fertility standards and after knowing we had poor fertility stats experienced two miscarriages along the road to conceiving our second child. When I sensed that I was pregnant again, I was hesitant and scared, so much hope had been thwarted in the past. Roxanne saw this heightened state of dis-ease and led me through a powerfully healing Reiki session, a combination of traditions from Reiki and Roxanne’s family’s spiritual heritage. I felt safe, supported, and well guided by Roxanne. I found my interior realm opening to where I met with the spirit of the child who was indeed growing healthfully inside of me! What a gift to have a sense of clarity and peace about the pregnancy after much loss and grief! Instead of being paralyzed by fear and anxiety, I was able to embrace the spirit and pregnancy for the gift that they were thanks to Roxanne’s outstanding facilitation and spiritual leadership.

Towards the final days of the pregnancy, my partner had to be out of town for an extended period of time and we also found out that the baby had unexpectedly inverted within my womb. Needless to say, I was again extremely anxious and began doubting my preparedness and ability to birth this child. Roxanne quickly empathized and offered another healing session. Compassionately attending to my heightened emotional state, she led me through a process in which I connected with my spiritual guides and ancestors. The mantra “make way” came to me and indeed, my anxiety began to fall away. I was again grounded and ready. The best news: the baby inverted into “proper” position and was born healthy with a four hour labor after my partner had arrived home! 

Without Roxanne’s spiritual and energetic guidance, my pregnancy could have been full of anxiety and grief. Instead, through her skillful process, I was able to connect with my inner and spiritual guides to trust in the pregnancy and fully embrace the grace and wonder that surrounded the birth of my second child. Thank you, Roxanne! Because of you, we were able to welcome into this world a most amazing being in human form! You are a powerful healer!!” — Katie, Brooklyn

Cindy’s Experience

“Roxanne is an innate healer, who also takes study and practice seriously.  I was lucky enough to have a Reiki session with Roxanne while I was in a transformative period of my life.  Roxanne’s energy was strong and present, but also spacious.  She addressed chronic tension in my head and neck, brain fog, anxiety, and shoulder pain. Roxanne was also for real the first person to tell me I might be pregnant–when I had likely just conceived!  That is not an easy thing to ask or communicate about (especially when its unplanned), and she both interpreted my body and communicated with me with compassion and ease.  She was so attentive to both my physical and spiritual body, and transmitted Reiki healing in a powerful and embodied way that felt deeply rooted in both the current material realities of this f***ed up time, and the overwhelming strength and traditions across the past and future.  I am so incredibly happy Roxanne is continuing to offer her work to the world. She is the kind of healer whose work resonates far beyond individual sessions, and whose Reiki I can still feel in my body almost three years after our initial session.” — Cindy, Brooklyn

Leah’s Experience

‘Roxanne Henry walks an exquisite line as a Reiki healer-channeler.  Her work reflects her own hard-earned wisdom, as well as spiritual connection to the ancestors; her own beautiful empathy and caring balanced with straight-forward truth telling.  It took only one session with her for me to connect with ancestors, feel the movements of deep energies, and for a healing journey to begin.  I am changed, profoundly, by the work we did together, and oh so grateful to her.” — Leah, Portland, OR

Nazly’s Experience

“Roxanne held space for me and guided me deeply through my time of crisis.  Her ability to understand deep emotional states and non spoken energies allows her to guide people through their own healing process.  She doesn’t try to solve your problems and tell you what you need to do, rather she is so fully present and listens so deeply that you know you are safe, connected and heard. She honors what is divine and sacred within all of us. She had the tools from being a social worker as well as various energetic healing modalities and breath work to shepherd me through my dark night.  She is an absolute gem.” — Nazly, New Jersey

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