About Empress Ngala

Hi, I am Empress Ngala. Ngala is actually my middle name. It means “place of the lion” in Shangaan, a language a group of people in Mozambique. I am the curator of Inner Soul Wellness –In (her) Soul is Wellness. Welcome!

I am working to explore (in my life and in my offerings) how intuition, self love and ritual can be used as vehicles for transformation. In this space I will explore every-day living, ritual, practices and modalities that assist us (as souls having an human experience).

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker; a trained herbalist; a certified yoga teacher and a Level II reiki practitioner (and of course more!).

My work is guided strongly by the oversight of Spirit (The Most High; my ancestors and those who came before me). Throughout my experiences I have had teachers and mentors who have also influenced my practice, services and offerings.

A large part of my presentation is my internal work — the sharing of my personal experiences and lessons, as well as how I will be showing up in this work and how I relate to others. Self love and ritual are both deeply personal to me and my hope is that we will be exploring both together.

In Gratitude!


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