About Empress Ngala

Hi, I am Empress Ngala. Ngala is actually my middle name. It means “place of the lion” in Shangaan, a language a group of people in Mozambique. I am the curator of Inner Soul Wellness –In (her) Soul is Wellness. Welcome!

I am working to explore the idea of self love as a vehicle for transformation and for the ability to show up as our true selves to the larger world. In this space I will explore every-day living, ritual, practices and modalities that assist us (as souls having an human experience).

I am a social worker with close to 20 years of experience working in mostly marginalized communities. I have training in the following: crisis management, trauma support, individual support and group facilitation. Additionally, I am a certified yoga instructor, reiki practitioner and a student of spiritual herbalism, where we explore the spiritual properties of herbs and plants and their abilities to heal.

My work is guided strongly by the oversight of Spirit (The Most High), my ancestors and those who came before me, including my teachers.

A large part of my presentation is my internal work — the sharing of my personal experiences and lessons, how I will be showing up in this work and how I relate to others. Self love and ritual are both deeply personal to me and my hope is that we will be exploring both together.

In Gratitude!


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