As a licensed master social worker, a certified yoga instructor, Reiki level II practitioner and guided strongly by ancestral knowledge and practices, I am honored to co-facilitate with you these following sessions and offerings*:

Reiki/Healing Sessions

A blend of Shamanistic principles and the Usui Reiki method, each session is specifically crafted to suit the needs of the participant. Reiki is a form of energy healing. The additional shaman and ancestral methods integrates the use of nature-based tools with the universal energy flow.

Initial Session: includes a pre-session consultation, reiki/healing session and post session reflection. Includes: materials and additional referral information. Work occurs in person. There is also additional structured follow up that occurs. 

$250- $500 per session

Additional Reiki/Healing Sessions: includes short follow up ( from the last session), reiki/healing session and post session reflection and directives). Work can be done in person or distance.                             

$150 – $250 per session

Basic Reiki Session: includes a 5-10 minute pre-session check in and reiki session and post session reflection. Work can occur in person or remotely.

$85-$150 per session

Spiritual Coaching

A 45-minute session that focuses on spiritual support for individuals. Various tools are used to aid the discussion. Structured follow-up support, outside of sessions, will be included. These sessions are inclusive of all beliefs. Sessions occur in person or remotely.

$85-$125 per session

LifeStyle Coaching

A 45-minute session where support is provided to individuals as they navigate their emotional needs. Follow-up support, outside of sessions, will be included. Session can occur in person or remotely.         

$85-$125 per session

Corporate & Non Profit Trainings

Trainings created to build stronger teams, streamline communication in organisations in order to create greater impact in the world. Please contact us to discuss rates.

Classes and Workshops

Provides individual and group opportunities to explore themes of self love and ritual through the various techniques and/or discussions. Information about classes and workshops will be posted in the classes/workshop tab when they become available, along with the level of financial investment. Examples of workshops and classes include yoga sessions and personal development workshops.

* Please note that the offerings are presented on a sliding scale. If you have financial limitations or are unemployed, please contact me regarding additional payment options. 

She was so attentive to both my physical and spiritual body, and transmitted Reiki healing in a powerful and embodied way that felt deeply rooted in both the current material realities of this time, and the overwhelming strength and traditions across the past and future.”

— Cindy, Brooklyn

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