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Selfie 2020

Beginning A New

It’s been approximately five years since I wrote in this blog. A lot has changed since then. I invite you to take this journey with me as I explore the what self love and ritual means for me, as well as how I work to be more aligned with this new chapter in my life that is more purpose driven. Additionally, I just want to have fun! along the way and enjoy the beauty of this life. Let’s go!

SANKOFA: “Go Back & Get It”

(I’ve decided to commit more to writing on this blog. So here goes:) For the last two months of last year (2021) and the first quarter of this year (2022) I took a lot of time off from the doing… too much that is. I pared my “to-do” list down to the necessities and upped…

Sweet Surrender

This tension is real! That is why focusing on yourself and accepting all parts of yourself is so important — self love. Work on cultivating the love of self and then this tension will become less and less. Because we are so deserving of living a purposeful, high vibrational life. We are worthy of living…

28 Days of Intention Self Love

While doing my yoga practice yesterday (or was it Saturday?? Ok, some time this weekend!), it came to me, ” do a self love challenge in February”. I, of course fought back a little… I thought it might come across as too much of a clichè but then I was like why not! At the…

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