Tea and Shadow Beliefs

(I have been absent from this blog for some months now, while I personally figured things out and grieved a few losses that occurred in my life last year. Moving forward my goal is to have at least 3 entries each week.)


I love tea…and on this really cold and overcast day,  I am enjoying a delicious cup. I am really reflective at the moment and have been since yesterday. Today is suppose to be  a very powerful day. I believe that each day has the potential to be powerful. However, today has a solar eclipse and a super moon — mighty shifts occurring.  I am well aware of the shifts within my own self. Some of those shifts have been difficult but I believe it is necessary for better outcomes.

Have you ever heard of shadow beliefs or core beliefs? Those are underlying beliefs that we are often not aware of but they tend to drive our actions. I have recently discovered that there have been two core beliefs that have driven my life for some time — I’m unworthy and I am unlovable. Both of course were developed during childhood. Those beliefs have led me to accepts certain things including allowing inadequate compensation for my services and skills or holding on to toxic relationships. In addition I see how I was a person with a wall up, not allowing (true) love in at times.

The good things is I am DOING THE WORK. I sought help namely therapy (this is where I realized the core belief of unworthiness) and I strengthening my spiritual practice each day. I am realizing that part of the work is also to surround myself with people who are also light workers, meaning that they are working on the betterment of themselves and others.

It has been an extremely challenging process but most necessary because there is work to me done. I believe that part of my life purpose is to be community healer, not only in the traditional sense people think of healers but in the sense of creating a space ( or spaces) that can facilitate people healing themselves. I believe that in order for this to happen, my own healing of the deep seated shadow believes need to occur. I am doing in and I am most grateful to the Most High for providing me with amazing people along the way and for the inner strength.

Have you discovered you shadow or core beliefs and how do you work with them?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Published by Empress Ngala

Inner Soul Wellness Center provides a space where each person can show up as their complete selves, honor where they are and co-create what they want for their lives.

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