The Good Earth


I worked for a few hours on a farm today. I uprooted weeds and identified potatoes that were ready to be plucked from the earth. I worked alongside experienced farmers who handled the work with ease. For me it was back bending and sweaty… but I realized how much I needed to reconnect to the earth. The earth is red and my fingers are now currently stained. With each uprooting of weeds I noticed how the work was a metaphor for me own life. The unrooting, the plucking, the tending to the soil to plants seeds that would in turn bare fruit and food that would nourish self and others, were all connected to where I am currently.  I am getting the earth ready and I am recognizing what I already have that is there to nourish me.

Nature is often life’s greatest teacher. Patience and trust are both essential — patience in doing the work and trust that the fruit will bare. All throughout, gratitude is essential for what’s present.

So I give thanks for this moment, even though I don’t know what tomorrow may bring

I give thanks for the strength of my ancestors who were farmers and bore great fruit (including myself)

I give thanks for the healers and teachers who have assisted my healing and aided the current state of my knowledge

I give thanks for great friends who make me laugh and held me while I cried

I give thanks. I give thanks for this good earth that is my nourisher and I hope and pray that my contribution to it is reciprocal.

I give thanks. I give thanks…I give thanks.

Published by Empress Ngala

Inner Soul Wellness Center provides a space where each person can show up as their complete selves, honor where they are and co-create what they want for their lives.

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