SANKOFA: “Go Back & Get It”

(I’ve decided to commit more to writing on this blog. So here goes:)

For the last two months of last year (2021) and the first quarter of this year (2022) I took a lot of time off from the doing… too much that is. I pared my “to-do” list down to the necessities and upped rest and self care. My body, mind and spirit needed time away, specifically from social media. I went internal and externally focused on a few specific goals (some of which I will reveal in due time). 

During my time offline, I further explored and integrated more nurturing in my life. The thing is to nurture yourself doesn’t always look like adding more to your life, sometimes the most nurturing thing you can do is to take away (things that no longer serve you or your highest self) from your life. 

For some it might seem unattainable to take time but know that you have the right to determine what is best for your life and how you want to navigate it and so if you feel as if you are being led to take time out, do it! It could be just what you need to propel you forward. 

The Symbols for Sankofa of the Adinkra Symbols from the Akan People

Also here’s the thing: never apologize for taking time out for you — for taking a pause. Never apologize when you bow out of something that no longer serves you. Sometimes that time away is what you need for clarity and to prioritize what and who is important to you. Don’t ever apologize for taking the time to heal, to get back to your core no matter what assumptions are made OR how long your time away will take… As they say in Jamaica, “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”. 

The importance of rest, compassion, grace, trust, hydration, nurturing foods and plant allies have been so helpful and most importantly being open to receiving all of that and the care of people who love me. In order to be open to nurture I had to (and I am learning to more and more each day) release so I can receive. In this moment I affirm I am nurtured, that I am blessed and I am highly favored. 

What do you affirm in your life today?

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Inner Soul Wellness Center provides a space where each person can show up as their complete selves, honor where they are and co-create what they want for their lives.

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