Sweet Surrender

This tension is real! That is why focusing on yourself and accepting all parts of yourself is so important — self love. Work on cultivating the love of self and then this tension will become less and less. Because we are so deserving of living a purposeful, high vibrational life. We are worthy of living a life where we accept ourselves wholly and completely. We deserve to have people who show up for us and want nothing else from us but to know who we are completely. We deserve healthy relationships and environments. For many of us getting to that deserving space is hard. It is filled with the tension that @iyanlavanzant talks about here. It is often filled with facing all of who we truly are —all the light and the shadow. It is isn’t easy but it (for me) is simple — “Trust, “believe” that Spirit has you. This has been my hardest lesson, “surrendering”. I am just getting to that part now and working through it. Believe that the Most High has you…as you navigate the tension of wanting to remain complacent, comfortable and your desire to thrive. God (Spirit, Most High, Jehovah, Allah, however you call that which is larger and greater than yourself) has you. Trust in that and trust that some thing within you (I call that something my Higher Consciousness) knows how to make it through. May the Most High make it easy for us as we work to be our best selves on this plane.

What is your relationship with surrendering? What is your definition of self love?

Published by Empress Ngala

Inner Soul Wellness Center provides a space where each person can show up as their complete selves, honor where they are and co-create what they want for their lives.

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